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MailBeez offers intelligent addons for small- and medium-sized Online-Stores.

Professional Apps for eCommerce Stores of any size

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Increase revenue & improve customer engagement

Professional email marketing
for ecommerce shops of any size

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MailBeez is compatible with:
Gambio Cloud, Gambio 1.x - 4.x, Modified-Shop 1.x & 2.x, Zen-Cart 1.3.x & 1.5.x, osCommerce 2.x

Simply better
customer support

The eCommerce CRM & ticketsystem for email, chat, FaceBook, Twitter and more

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Safely reach customers in Austria without explicit permission

The deceptive ECG list must be respected even when complying to the legal rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does MailBeez do?

MailBeez is analysing the Database of your store and then contacts your customers with a personalized, meaningful sequence of emails. Each email is a valuable touchpoint and helps to promote your store brand. In comparision to traditional newsletters open-rates of up to 50% are great and click- and order-rates are impressive. With the included MailBeez Analytics system you can see the generated revenue any time. Read more on

Which increase of revenue can I expect?

The increase in revenue to expect is depending from kind of products and number of customers. Real-world examples:

  • Deli-Shop with 900 Customers - 20.000 Eur MailBeez-Revenue after 1 Year
  • eSmoker-Shop with 30.000 Customers - 144.000 Eur MailBeez-Revenue after 1 Year
  • Baby-equipment with 90.000 Customers - 125.000 Eur MailBeez-Revenue after 2 months
MailBeez-Revenue is any order after a click on a link in a MailBeez generated Email or using a coupon generated by MailBeeez.

Are customers getting annoyed?

Looking back on 5 years of experience: No! Each customer is recieving a personalized sequence of meaningfull emails perceived as service rather than marketing. Some store owners reported they have received notes of thanks form their customers for the attention and personalized service! But also the very low opt-out rates of typically less than 1% is a good indication on how well the emails are perceived.

What about the legal situation?

Depending on your local laws you need to check if you are allowed to contact customers with product and service related emails without having their explict consent. For Germany and Austria please check > Rechtssichere Email-Werbung ohne ausdrückliche Einwilligung.

Which data is exported?

Since MailBeez runs directly on your server no data is exported (unless stated differently). For the license check only the necessary data like number of customers is transferred in an encrypted format.

How do I install MailBeez in my Store?

The free MailBeez Framework is very easy to install in the compatible Store Systems. Please find a list of supported Store-Systems with the matching installation guide on > Installation. Your Shop-System is not listed? Sorry, but you are not able to use MailBeez at this time. We recommend you first install the free MailBeez system and then select the subscription of your choice directly from within your MailBeez administration.

How are Emails sent out?

MailBeez offers a range of options: As default setting MailBeez is utilizing the Store's email function. You can configure any SMTP Server as well.
If you are looking for a simple way to use professional certified email servers (and to avoid the risk of beeing listed as spam-sender) we recommend the integration with MailBeez.Email, which you easily can configure in MailBeez > configuration > Email System.

Is there a free trial period?

No, currently we do not offer a free trial period, but we do not tie you in any long term contract as well. You will receive full support through the MailBeez Helpdesk in case you should face any issues. In case the support is not able to solve the issues we will refund your payment - after we had the chance of trying to fix directly on your server, which requires access to your shop-administration and FTP Server.

What are the benefits of a monthly subscription?

MailBeez subscriptions provide following benefits:

  • meaningful assembled packages for an easy start and smooth operations
  • low monthly fees instead of higher up-front investments
  • easy updates using the integrated update-feature
With paying a monthly subscription you can expect ongoing updates and improvements! Thanks to the integrated MailBeez Analytics system you can check at any time if the fees are well-spent! Recurring revenue is important for us to be able to plan our business and provide professional development of the MailBeez System.

Can I change plans?

Yes, at any time you can upgrade to a higher plan. In case you will get any credits we will pro-long the subscription period accordingly. Please contact the MailBeez Support. Downgrading to a lower plan can be done to the end of a subscription period.

How do you handle payments?

Payment is handled through 2Checkout offering a large number of payment methods. Depending on the payment method you can select auto-renewal. If you select a payment method without auto-renewal or do not activate the auto-renewal option you need manually place the payment at the end of the subscription period. In any case you will receive a notification email a couple of days before the end of the subscription period.

What happens if I do not pay?

Your subscription will become invalid and you won't be able to use the modules any longer. At any time you can subscribe again and the modules will work again. You will not loose any data.

I already own some modules, what will happen with them?

You can mix MailBeez subscriptions and purchased modules without any issues. After terminiation of a subscription the certificate of a purchased module will be re-applied automatically.

How do I install Updates?

You will receive a notification for new versions of your subscription within your MailBeez administration. By clicking on this notification the MailBeez CloudLoader will open and updated your system. Your previous version will automatically be zipped and stored as a backup.